Swim to the Shipwreck in Falasarna

Shipwreck Falasarna

Today I went for the first long swim in a while. The air was very clear in Falasarna, Antikythera well visible in the distance.

The sea had some swell from yesterday’s wind, about 0.5m waves, constantly rolling me to the side. No wind.

I have been taking a break from swimming seriously in the last couple of weeks because of pain in my right shoulder, which came after a 4.5km swim in Elafonissi.

I tried a light pull on my arm stroke, especially on the right, and I tried to emphasise rotation. At the same time, I tried a higher stroke frequency than normal. It went well. I got back a little cold though, actually a welcome feeling after some weeks of intense heat.

The shipwreck was surrounded by very cool light. The sun was setting and the sunken craft was just on the edge of the shade projected by the nearby rocky cliffs. The resulting light and shade play underwater was pretty good.

Also to note, jet-skis were absent today, next time I could swim to Limpet island, a swim I did only once and with support.

Total distance: 2.15 km
Average speed: 2.80 km/h
Total time: 00:49:44
Download file: Swim-Falasarna-Shipwreck-Short12072019.gpx