The Falasarna Swim

After a winter of swimming in the rough sea, it was time for some calm waters.

A great day for a great swim. We went to the beautiful Falasarna beach, on Crete’s West coast, where I swam a good distance, 3.8km.

First around the offshore Limpet island, then to the WWII shipwreck in the Northern corner of the bay, then back to shore. The sea was super still, though the water temperature was still a bit cool for my taste. The water is crystal clear, and especially beautiful around Limpet island.

This is a great Open Water wild swim if you’re in West Crete.

Thanks to my support and video crew, you can see a short video of the swim:

Note about the GPS track: the gps was on the kayak, so while the route, total time and distance reflect my swim, the intervals will be different because the kayak was sometimes behind, sometimes in front of me.

Total distance: 3.72 km
Average speed: 2.68 km/h
Total time: 01:36:55
Download file: Swim-Falasarna-Island-Wetsuit-Short26052019.gpx

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