Wild west coast swim in Platanakia

On this day we went looking for a path above Sfinari to go over to the next bay that the taverna owner had told us about.

With Fiona and Giulia we set off exploring, and after over an hour we did get down to the beach of Platanakia. The path does seem to exist but it’s not well marked. We lost it at times and there was some scrambling in the maquis as well as some steep and slippery parts on gravel. A great little adventure!

We reached the beach around lunch time and went for a swim all together in the extremely clear water. Fiona and I wore mask and snorkel, Giulia came with goggles and we swam out a fair bit before Giulia got cold and turned back.

I went out again to extend the swim and find some very shallow rocks in the bay near the North side, an underwater arch, poseidonia beds, some small groupers and other fish. A wonderful, rewarding swim.

Then we had a picnic on the beach before walking back over the rocky ‘path’ back to Sfinari and the car.

Total distance: 0.95 km
Average speed: 2.08 km/h
Total time: 00:32:38
Download file: Swim-Platanakia-Snorkel-Hike.gpx

Swimming with hand paddles in Kissamos

It was a good day today, sea very flat and clear, even in Kissamos. I went for a longer swim and decided to put on hand paddles, which I haven’t used for a very long time. Went to Naya and back.

Total distance: 2.29 km
Average speed: 2.74 km/h
Total time: 00:53:42
Download file: Swim-Kissamos-Paddles-Short031018.gpx

Back to Viglia

Another, slightly longer than yesterday swim in Viglia.

Total distance: 1.26 km
Average speed: 2.77 km/h
Total time: 00:30:41
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short021018.gpx

Short swim in Viglia

First swim of the month, a short one in Viglia. Some waves and wind and not a lot of energy.

Total distance: 1.06 km
Average speed: 2.82 km/h
Total time: 00:24:00
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short011018.gpx