Kissamos September swim

This was my last swim for September. I went to Kissamos and swam a couple of km. A bit tired after yesterday’s long swim in Falasarna.

Total distance: 2.05 km
Average speed: 2.77 km/h
Total time: 00:48:15
Download file: Swim-Kissamos-Short240918.gpx

Falasarna shipwreck swim with Irish family

Today we invited an Irish family who is staying in Ravdoucha for a few months to go to Falasarna together.

Vincent and Sheila have two daughters like us. Their oldest swam with us for a bit, then went back with Fiona to play with her sister and Giulia and Sofia.

I took Vincent and Sheila straight to the shipwreck. I got a bit chilly with the initial waiting around, so we didn’t hang around the shipwreck for very long. It was good to go on a long swim with some other company.

Total distance: 2.29 km
Average speed: 2.55 km/h
Total time: 01:08:45
Download file: Swim-Falasarna-Irish-Short230918.gpx

Falasarna swim with kids

After some days of bad weather, we went to Falasarna on a beautiful day.

We swam a good way with Fiona and Sofia, then I went for a quick swim to the shallow rock by myself.

The water is cooler now but still good, and very clear.

Family swim in Phalasarna
Breams and other fish in the shallows
Total distance: 1.25 km
Average speed: 2.54 km/h
Total time: 00:42:27
Download file: Swim-Falasarna-Kids-Short220918.gpx

Swim with kids in Kissamos

Today we went to Kissamos for a swim. We played with the ball in the water for a bit and swam around, then I went for short swim on my own.

Total distance: 1.12 km
Average speed: 2.26 km/h
Total time: 00:49:27
Download file: Swim-Kissamos-Kids-Short150918.gpx

Longer swim in Viglia

I am going to Viglia a lot these days. It’s just a nicer place for swimming. This is a slightly longer swim.

Total distance: 1.95 km
Average speed: 2.73 km/h
Total time: 00:48:30
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short140918.gpx

Choppy sea swim in Viglia

Another swim in Viglia, in quite choppy conditions.

Total distance: 1.23 km
Average speed: 2.68 km/h
Total time: 00:33:09
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short120918.gpx

Swim with kids in Viglia

On this day we went for a swim with Giulia and Sofia. We saw quite a few things. A ray on the sandy bottom, a big, live triton shell, a lot of small fish.

We swam together for a bit, went back to shore together then I swam a little more by myself.

Total distance: 1.41 km
Average speed: 2.33 km/h
Total time: 00:47:36
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Kids-Short100918.gpx

Meri Pigadi swim

A very nice beach I haven’t visited for quite a while.

I went swimming with Fiona. Unfortunately the Gps battery went flat on the way back, so the track is not complete.

Total distance: 0.99 km
Average speed: 2.79 km/h
Total time: 00:24:32
Download file: Swim-MeriPIgadi-Short050918.gpx

Swim in Viglia, first tracked after summer break

It sounds funny but I actually took a break from longer swims in the middle part of the summer.

I did a lot of kayaking for a while and got pretty exhausted. August was hot and I was low on energy.

Come September, I picked up swimming again, mostly with company! This was my first longish swim in a few months. It felt very good.

Total distance: 1.81 km
Average speed: 2.76 km/h
Total time: 00:42:33
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short030918.gpx