Windy swim in Viglia

Today a long, free swim in Viglia, until Meri’s well and back.

Weather was windy, 4 Beaufort from SW. I was actually faster on the way back than on the way out, though it didn’t feel like it.

I actually got a little cold on the way back, and hit a wall of fatigue about one third of the way on the swim back. There was a strong current pushing out to sea, and for a while I struggled to get closer to shore. On the positive side, my breathing was fine, I never really ran out of breath.

I went swimming also in the last couple of days, without GPS.

Yesterday a snorkel in Falasarna to the shallow rock a few hundred metres from shore, and the day before yesterday a short swim in Korfalonas with Giulia, Sofia and the French cyclists Greta and Romain.

Total distance: 3.52 km
Average speed: 2.79 km/h
Total time: 01:17:40
Download file: Swim-Viglia-Short160618.gpx

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